Bahrain Grand Prix – Track guide – Formula1

  • Circuit length

    5.412 km

  • Laps


  • Total race length


  • Direction

    Direction : clockwise

Main challenge of the track is it’s mixed nature of high speed straights and low speed corners.

With exit from low speed corners into straights causes rear tire management a bit difficult can cause to spin. Cars are designated to understeer to compensate this on track. 

Next challenge is slippery portion of track , dust from desert punishes drivers who are abusing track limits. 

Car setup is predominantly medium downforce to help with three long straights.

Sector 1  (turn 1 to 4) 

Lap begins with longest start- finish straight with crucial first corner. 

Turn 1 comes as the hairpin and most important for the lap to set pace and lead.

Entry should be taken care well and also not too much kerb as there is an immediate right hander, turn 3 followed by second straight of the lap. so though first part of the lap decides who leads through the lap but still there are lot of overtaking opportunities.

Now comes the turn 4 , off cambered corner that causes oversteer. more apex here, more problems.

Sector 2 (turn 5 to 12 ) 

This part of the lap demands areo efficiency of the car to keep on the ground through wavering corners. 

Turn 5, 6 ,7 alternate left and  right handers lead to next tighter slow speed corner turn 8. 

 Turn 9 and turn 10 are challenging part of the sector as it involves steering under braking. Positioning the car and exit pretty important to lead through the corner. then comes 3rd DRS zone and sector ends with flat out high speed corners turn 11 and 12.

Sector  3 ( Turn 13  to 15)

 Now comes the last sector starting with tight corner, Turn 13, too much of kerb on exit leads through straight. 

Final sector is rear tire limiting , from sweeping corners to straights ,overheated rear tires make the last tight corners Turn 14, 15 tougher. 

It is easy to loose few tenths by not positioning through these two corners. Lap ends with longest start finish straight. 

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